Shonda Land Is My Guilty Pleasure!

Scandalous Guilty Pleasure

Yes, like everyone else, I’m addicted to Scandal. It’s to a point where I would re-watch an episode to catch any clues I might have missed. Shonda Rhimes is a genius and when I say my jaw drops with each episode. It’s one of those sins where you rush home every Thursday night to see what’s going to happen next. Then when you think you know what’s going to happen, BAM you get curved. That is what I call a talent!!! Being that I’m not easily entertained with the swamp of reality shows but this time i have to say everything from the plot twists to the soundtrack it’s all perfect. Then just when I thought I couldn’t get enough I get hit with this huge surprise.

If you need a backstory, Olivia Pope is having a Scandalous affair with President Grant which has been going on since he was on the campaign trail and on this bumpy ride we see and uncover some shocking white house secrets. Then BAM the President’s son is killed by Olivia’s father who is trying to put it on Olivia’s new man who works for him WHO killed one of Olivia’s staffers for uncovering the truth and remind you Oliva went away with Jake then comes back and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. I know it’s all over the place but give me some time later and I will do a Scandal season recap.

How To Get Away With Murder!

Shonda Rhimes new hit series on ABC that is sure to make your head spin. I suggest some wine with each episode. Miss anything make sure to head to and provide your local cable provider info to watch episodes for free online.

Yes, just when I think it can get no better than Scandal I get hit with How To Get Away with Murder!!! Can we all say jaw dropper. Following an attorney and law professor Analiese Keating and her top law students that happens to have to apply their lessons to protect their own asses out of a Murder charge. This sexy legal thriller has more twist and turns than one can take. No wonder Shonda has a roller coaster for logo because her shows does just that. Send you on a roller coaster ride that you will never forget!!!

See Analiese is a brilliant attorney who’s husband had an affair with his student who was killed and come to find out was pregnant. Then the husband ends up dead and then she fights these poignant cases along the way all while building up to the reveal of her husband’s killer. It starts off in the woods with Mrs. Keating star students trying to figure out what to do with the body while one who was missing her engagement ring who finds out her fiancee had a gay affair and who’s parents want her to sign a prenup. Then there is the unassuming student who killed Mrs. Keating’s husband and then there is Mrs. Keatings assistant I mean OMG give me time later for a show review and season cap please. I’m all over the place excited that’s just how good this show is. So if you love legal drama, twists turns and hot sex? THIS is the show for you.

Now I’m going through withdrawal being that both shows will be on hiatus until the new seasons premiere. How am I going to cope on Thursday Nights now? Yes, I’m a Gladiator and not ashamed.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


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