Facebook Shenanigans

Do You Check The Other Tab In Your Inbox?

I know you’re thinking what the hell is she talking about? Well if you’re on facebook I know you look at your notifications a lot right? Oh God, I sound like a facebook junkie lol. Okay so let’s take a look at what I’m talking about. Okay when you look over at the top you will see your Inbox Notification. Which is in red when it’s active and someone has sent you a message whether it is on the Messenger App or you just check your messages on the web. It looks like this.

The comic bubble is the notifications of your Messages or Private messages from Facebook. The number of new messages you received is in red and as you see here the person has 3 new messages.

Well a lot of users don’t know about the Other feature. Yeah if you look over while you clicked the Notifications you will see you have two options, Inbox and Other.

As you see here this screenshot shows the person has 44 Inbox messages and then there is the Other. And WOW 94!

Well I finally looked in that feature and I had over 100 and I think this is where the facebook e-mails go or just people you don’t know who send you requests and messages go. Like a Junk Folder that many people either don’t know about or purposely will never check. I don’t blame anyone for being paranoid about checking it because some messages are creepy. Then there are some that are like why are you ignoring me? Well, I’ve never received any messages for me to ignore. Well I received it but never opened it. When I discovered this and went through some of them I was really surprised. So much so that I asked other people have they checked this feature out on their own pages. Strange right? Well here is your assignment! Check your Other Inbox messages and see the messages you’ve missed. Once you do, are you surprised? Did you even know you had this feature? Check it out!


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