Again, Why Did I Start Blogging?


  I started blogging because of my love of writing . I read many blogs and not many I know from my hometown that’s popular and can tell stories the way I can . I thought why not start my own blog ? I took a year to really map out my goals and what I wanted out of my blog. Where I wanted the blog to be in the now New Year . I hope that this blog has more followers and grab many readers attention . I must admit I get very discouraged when I see someone else already go with my original plan when it comes to what type of blog I want to create. Difference is they  have  fire power backing  to become these widely  successful and professional websites . I won’t allow a few set backs to make me give up. So what can I do to keep going and not totally become discouraged?  Just take notes and the necessary steps to make my blog become one of the most attractive and active on the net . I have to improve my content and I also have to improve my frequency and try to promote promote promote! 


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