The Holidays Are Over!

I Survived Christmas 2014!!!!

No gift wrap everywhere and definitely no crazy lines during Black Friday. I didn’t have to worry about the ugly sweaters or any of the over the top things many go through. I do however think that had I incorporated those things I would have had a much better vacation. I don’t know about you but even with the Christmas specials it’s not the same when you’re not celebrating at home. The days off were much needed though, I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t stand dealing with rude people. I know we deal with them on a daily basis but some are just nasty individuals that I can not tolerate. Did you enjoy the holidays?

Now that it’s over I can say I do enjoy laughing at the Vines that I did see now if I can only configure the settings in my phone I can actually enjoy. Yes, I went over Santa’s head and gave myself a gift of some tech toys. As I continue this journey of configuring apps and improving my writing and getting my blog on solid ground, who knows where this journey can lead me? With the New Year vastly approaching, the only goal I have is to become a better person. That’s a resolution that I can stick to without any problems and it’s attainable. That and handling my impatience and short fuse. As soon as someone pushes me I have this horrible habit of getting angry quickly and becoming defensive. I’ve managed to learn how to handle those type of jerk offs.

Anyway, the holidays are full of good and bad experiences but now that it’s done!Let me know how you survived this holiday season!


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