Why Blogging?

Why Are You Blogging?

Many have asked this question millions of times and I will finally have the platform to give some answers. Well, first reason is I’m obsessed with writing about so many topics. I can fill composition books in two days if I’m alone in complete silence. It’s my only outlet to express myself fully. I can write for hours on end but I find it quite comical that once I’m on a keyboard Writer’s Block sneaks up on me out of nowhere.  Either way, I would love to know what others think of different topics and I like to connect to other people and I love to entertain people.

Let me be honest, anytime someone talk crap on blogs or if they try to come for me when I comment on other blogs this is going on in my mind about them.

I don’t have a particular direction I’m going with at the moment. Every time I pick a genre, it’s discouraging when I see someone else already has that genre filled and they have such a strong following. Then I feel kind of silly for not knowing there is already a blog covering that genre. I don’t let it stop me though because it’s room out there on the internet for everyone to cover a genre in their own way. Then again, I’m so stubborn I can’t help but get a little annoyed. Either way with some guidance I hope I really get some kind of structure going. I also love taking boat loads of pictures, It’s fun for me and it’s not just ooh look at that bird! snap OOOH look a dolphin snap. I really love capturing moments and I want to share that with the outside world and see if everyone could see the world through a different lens.

I have an obsession with Technology  that I haven’t told a lot of my friends about yet, but it’s funny how much I love it. Gadgets are my weakness and the newer or more improved the better. I can’t tell you how much I love looking into new gadgets and PC/Laptops/Tablets etc. People really would think I’m a geek and I’m fine with that. As long as I’m respected and not the stuck up geek or nerd. You know the ones that look at your phone and say oh I’m not impressed because it’s not equipped with  20MP camera or running KIt Kat or not the latest Apple. Those are the type that crack me up because none of that matters once their phone is completely dead and they need a phone to call someone to pick them up or direct them to where they are going.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my journey into making this space my personal space and I always welcome suggestions comments and all kinds of feedback.

See you around!


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