Reasons For Lifetime’s Aaliyah Biopic Fallout!

Reasons Why Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B Was A Disaster

With so many hysterical memes going around and people just going off about the movie. Maybe there should be someone telling reasons why there was such fallout.

Casting Issues

Well without stating the obvious, a lot of people had issues with the cast like Dame Dash Timbaland and Missy. Come on the actors portraying them looked nothing like the actual people but it’s not like fans wanted an exact replica but at least be true to the person. Like with Angela Basset, she didn’t look like Tina Turner but her performance was so great, you didn’t focus on that. Also the way the story was told was compelling, it made you pay attention and stay glued to your seats. This film seemed doomed from the start when it was major fallout from the family not agreeing to this film. Then there was an issue with Zendaya Coleman the actress that was originally picked to play Aaliyah caught flack for being too fair skin to play the role but out of respect for Aaliyah’s family she went ahead and passed on the role. Was I the only one that noticed the small child playing ten year old Aaliyah looked more like Beyonce than Aaliyah? Then the woman portraying her grandmother not even close. But then again this fiasco leads to my next point.

Screenwriting FAIL

Sorry I know I am supposed to keep an open mind but the writing was ridiculous. The story was all over the place and I was going from the movie to another channel often. Writers are supposed to keep your attention. This was supposed to tell a story not bring The National Enquirer to my television. At least entertain me!!!

Lack of Talent

Not to be mean or anything but the lack of feeling in Alexandra Shipp’s singing really threw me off. She tried and of course she isn’t going to sound like Aaliyah, I never expected her to. But at least have more emotion and passion in HER singing and performance. You seen raw talent in Aaliyah and I didn’t get that from Miss Shipp but she did her best. I’m not going to tear her apart.

What Did You think?


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