Profitting From Insecurities!

Waste Training?

Corsets from the 1800s that were used as an undergarment to keep women slender for the ideal waist line or hourglass shape.

I’m seeing a lot of women and some men participating in a fad that’s not really a fad. It’s been around for centuries when women were wearing those tight fitting corsets. It’s for weight loss or for women wanting that quick fix to fit in a dress or outfit or for women looking to get rid of the pouch that follows after childbirth that some women have after natural or C-Section. Some are just for reasons that “friends” that are giving them this false body image. What are the risks?

As stated earlier, corsets have been around for centuries and this has only been a secret among women looking to attain the ideal body type. Small waist and flat stomach. But as you can see from the picture above, the long term affects were disturbing . Now corsets or waist trainers are now becoming a big booming business. Women playing among other women’s insecurities. These corsets have since changed style and material but seriously it’s shocking to see women who have not a pound of fat on them spending so much money on one. Why? Friends have told them they are fat or they are not toned so they feel that they need it. Those that sell the product are not going to be truthful, they will play on that persons low self esteem to make the extra money. Even celebrities have taken pictures promoting waist trainers but do you feel they are a WASTE of money to better shape your waist?

Kim Kardashian in a waist shaper or trainer.

Now why would Kim need a trainer? Have you seen her body? I know that’s what many are thinking but she did have a baby. Every woman has insecurities. So much so it was said that she did the nude pictorial for Paper magazine to show off her well toned body before working on having baby number two.

As for maintenance well do do see her working out a lot as she is the queen of selfies. One can also argue that being a curvy woman it’s easier to gain weight. Then again you just have haters that hate for no reason but that’s another subject.

What Are The Risks?

Well your appetite is lowered for a reason, your intestine is deformed, so digestion is slowed,

“Corset training can restrict any type of movement in your midsection,” she describes. “It can restrict your lungs, which can cause lung infections and other lung problems, as well as restrict your bowels, which can cause constipation. It can also cause bruising and rib pain.”

So is that quick fix worth your health? Do you waist train? What are your thoughts?

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