Common Question

Oh Great Another Blog!

What Makes This Blurb So Different From The Others? Why should I take time out of my schedule to read whatever you post? I mean seriously? Everybody has a blog so why should I read yours? What makes yours so interesting? There are blogs on everything now? Why look twice at yours?

You’re thinking that and I know I mean I go to search blogs that aren’t around and damn! I see a blog on almost every damn subject you can think of. i can only be me to be quite honest, if  you like it great! I appreciate the love.  I mean for years I read so many other blogs and websites thoroughly and took notes and I noticed that many are awesome! I thought why not make one and post as frequent as I can? I have to say that this side of writing is a lot of work. I’m going to take on the challenge head on and see where it goes. First things first I have to get my viewers up and I got to get busy on some topics so let’s see how this journey goes.

You may want to know a lot more about me right? Well, no problem! The reason I chose to finally blog because it makes no sense to fill up Composition Books when I can let the internet read my thoughts and look into my writing skills. I love reading and I love watching television. Pop Culture junkie I truly am and I’m also a fan of Andy Cohen and Watch What Happens Live is my guilty pleasure. I love Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills and I have a thing for wine. There is some insight about me. Here’s to getting to know you!

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